We’re Meeting to Share Re-entry Programming Ideas – Join Us!

Get your calendar out! Next Wednesday (October 24) at 12pm EST I’m going share some ideas for improving your study abroad re-entry programming.

I’ve invited two study abroad professionals, Ali and Alida, to share their ideas, too!

We’re going to talk about 1) how you can reach more students in re-entry (something most everyone finds difficult), 2) how to facilitate deeper discussions with students about what they learned and experienced abroad, and 3) ways to support students online and in-person.

I’ll also share a re-entry activity that’s been working really well and that you can use in your own programming. Could be something fun for International Education Week!

Who are the guest speakers I mentioned?

Alida Campbell is a Project Manager in the Global Learning and Intercultural Support Office at Saint Mary’s University Nova Scotia, Canada, and Ali Janicek is Assistant Dean for International & Off-Campus Study at Franklin & Marshall College. Both of them use my Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit and when they told me about all of the ways they’ve enhanced their study abroad re-entry programming, I knew I had to ask them to join this event!

I hope you can join us on Wednesday, October 24 at 12pm EST.

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About Author

Hello, I'm Dr. Cate Brubaker! Are you a returnee who has been surprised to find your return "home" harder than going abroad? I created the Re-entry Roadmap workbook just for you. If you work with returnees, I'm here to help you with innovative resources and training that will make it easier to provide meaningful support for your returnees.