How to Find Your Spark in Re-entry

After Living Abroad

Do You Feel...

  • Sad about being back “home?" 😞
  • Like a foreigner in a place that doesn’t feel like home anymore?
  • Frustrated that nobody at home sees who you are now?
  • Bored and restless?
  • Increasingly annoyed or even alienated by your home culture? 😡
  • Like you'll probably never be happy in your home country?
  • Lost and confused (and frustrated that you feel this way!)
  • Overwhelmed by unexpected loss and grief?
  • Like you're settling? 😕
  • Anxious and unsure about your future?
  • Like you've lost that spark you felt while abroad?

You need this webinar! In 30 minutes I'll show you 3 ways to find your spark in re-entry.

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