The Re-entry Roadmap

The Re-entry Roadmap is a thought-provoking yet fun workbook designed to help you navigate your return “home” after living abroad with confidence, connection, and clarity of purpose. 

Filled with fresh insights, creative activities, and actionable advice, the Re-entry Roadmap will help you process your complex emotions, articulate what you learned and experienced abroad, deeply reflect on who you are and what you want your life to be like now, and find your best next step after living abroad.

The Re-entry Roadmap will help you make re-entry a positive, transformational force in your life.

Hundreds of returnees all over the world have loved the Re-entry Roadmap. I’m sure you will, too!




What People Are Saying…

“Returnees will put this book down and think ‘I can do this!'”
–Craig Storti, author of The Art of Coming Home & Why Travel Matters

“The Re-entry Roadmap is redefining the way we look at ‘moving home’.”
–Naomi Hattaway, I Am a Triangle

“The Re-entry Roadmap will help you unpack your experience abroad
and come out on the other side with the clarity and confidence.”
–Brooke Roberts, Founder Inside Study Abroad & The Study Abroad Journal