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Join the #GlobalLifeChat on 10/31 at 1pm EST

I’m co-hosting the Global Life Twitter Chat next week and I’d love for you to join us!

We’re going to chat about what living a global life means and how to create the global life that’s ideal for you (we’ll have discussion questions prepared to get us started).

When: Thursday, Oct. 31 at 1pm EST
Where: Twitter
Hashtag: #GlobalLifeChat

We’d love for you to participate next Thursday! Here’s how:

1. Log into your Twitter account on 10/31 a little before 1pm EST.
2. Search using #GlobalLifeChat
3. Start chatting!

You can also follow along with the chat as it happens in real time using the services of TweetChat.com or Twubs.com. Just sign in with Twitter, type in #GlobalLifeChat, and you’ll be able to see and reply to all comments that happen on Twitter during the chat.


Tell your friends & colleagues that you’ll be at the #GlobalLifeChat

Here are two updates you can use in your social media to invite others to join the chat:


Join me at the #globallifeChat on 10/31 at 1pm EST with @catebrubaker @authentizen

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How are you living your ideal global life? Share your story at the #globallifeChat 10/31 at 1pm EST.

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Questions? Email me at smallplanetstudio@gmail.com

Hope to chat with you next Thursday!

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