Ep 03: The Re-entry Roadmap Process

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Hey Forward Launchers!

Today we’re talking about the Re-entry Roadmap 5-step process and how it can help you navigate re-entry with more insight, meaning, and ease — and find your Forward Launch.

Those post travel blues you’re feeling? They’re real, and they can leave lasting challenges if you don’t take the time to sit with them and unpack them!

Whether you’ve been abroad for a few months or for several years; whether you were living, studying, volunteering, traveling, or working abroad, and whether you plan to stay in your home country long term, or whether you want to move abroad again, the re-entry roadmap process will help you gain the insight needed in order to answer the questions that I know your global heart is asking you.

Through the Re-entry Roadmap process, you can learn to integrate your global self into your life wherever you are! Reverse culture shock and post travel blues may seem temporary when going home after living abroad, but if the re-entry experience is not unpacked, you may face more challenges even years after your return from living abroad, studying abroad, or working abroad. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

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In This Episode, We’ll Unpack: 

  • What we all need to stop doing in re-entry (and start doing instead!)
  • Common feelings about going home after living abroad
  • Why re-entry is an amazingly untapped opportunity
  • The 5 Re-entry Roadmap steps that help you find more meaning, insight, and ease in your transition
  • How you can make your re-entry (repatriation) experience the most powerful part of your entire living abroad journey

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About Author

Dr. Cate Brubaker is on a mission to make re-entry after living abroad a positive, transformational force (even when it’s not easy…especially when it’s not easy)! Cate is the author of the Re-Entry Roadmap workbook and the Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit. Cate has lived in Germany, worked and traveled in 37 countries on four continents, and has helped all kinds of globetrotters successfully navigate global transitions for over 20 years.