Cross-cultural People to Follow on Twitter

by :: Cate Are you on Twitter? (You know, that microblogging site that only allows you to post updates of 140 characters or less?) I joined Twitter a while back (I’m @CateBrubaker, by the way), and I really enjoy connecting with people all over the world. Teachers. Interculturalists. Travelers. Bloggers. I’ve started connecting with lots of interesting people through Twitter. … Read more

Getting to School in the U.K.

Fiona, a physics teacher from the U.K. who just recently returned home after teaching in North Carolina, commented on last week’s post about how kids get to school. Fiona left a note on Facebook, so she agreed to let me post her response here. Fiona :: In the U.K. kids get a license for a scooter at 16 but for a … Read more