My WDS 2011 Experience

October 2010. I leave the Art of Non-Conformity book-tour/meet-up energized, having spent the evening talking with a bunch of creative people who live life on their own terms. Even if it’s hard, even if it makes them different. I’m glowing with affirmation, possibility, and joy. A few days later, all joy, possibility, and optimism is sucked out of me when…

Thoughts From a Former Exchange Student on The Occasion of a 20th High School Reunion

As I write this, my high school class is gathering at Abby’s Legendary Pizza for the first of a series of reunion events. It seems fitting that my 20th reunion is smack in the middle of two significant July events in my life: the day I left for my exchange year in Germany and…

Love & Plans :: Kicking Off a New Year

Image: ‘New Years‘ Happy New Year! Wow. Can you believe it’s 2011? Over a week in and I’m still surprised it’s 2011. Seriously. 2011! I hope you enjoyed your New Year’s festivities and are getting a great start to 2011. Here’s how we rang in the new year: 8:00 pm: Open door to Atlanta hotel … Read more

10 Things We Learned in Ireland

Our trip to Ireland is coming to a close. Bummer! I could soooooo easily continue traveling. (I’m one of those people who gets excited about the idea of living out of a suitcase – or rather a travel backpack – for months on end.) Today we head out for one last day in Dublin, then … Read more

The Great Italian Pizza Fiasco of 1994

We’re convinced the waiter scammed us. Overcharged us because of our U.S. citizenship. Because we’re young women. Because we can’t speak Italian. We leave Italy with a very bad impression of the entire country. All based on one experience in one restaurant in one city. We decide we’ll never go back to Italy. But then, the more I think about the incident during the next few weeks, the more uneasy I become. Is it possible that the waiter hadn’t scammed us?