What’s Up with Culture?: A Guided Tour

=photo by joguldi What’s Up with Culture? offers information, critical incidents, tips, and activities that can help you, and your students, explore culture and intercultural communication. Today I’m going to give you a quick tour of the site. In upcoming posts, I’ll highlight aspects of each of the site’s three modules and discuss ways teachers … Read more

School Photo :: Celebrating American Thanksgiving

Just a couple cute Thanksgiving-related photos I found on Flickr for the 4th Thursday of November… photo by Cambodia4Kids.org photo by Bill in Ash Vegas photo by terren in Virginia Update: I just checked my Danish friend Karen’s blog and saw this adorable Thanksgiving painting that her little daughter Natalie made. You know, every kid … Read more

Use Worldmapper to Challenge World Perceptions

photo by mikeheth In the U.S., world maps hang in many classrooms. Standard classroom maps often present the world in the way the map above does. But, as we know, such classic maps can be misleading. This morning I discovered Worldmapper, a great online map resource that shows the world as you’ve never seen it … Read more

7 Ways to Celebrate International Education Week

This entire week, schools around the world are celebrating International Education Week (IEW). In the U.S., for example, a university in Oregon is having a Fair Trade sale. A Colombian high school Spanish teacher in North Carolina is leading presentations about Latin American countries. And a Michigan elementary school, currently studying the continent of Africa, … Read more

What Do Bread, Brot and Education Have in Common?

Why this blog? Think for a moment about the word bread. What pops into your mind? I (Cate) was a teenage exchange student in Germany when I realized that the meaning Germans attach to the word Brot was very different from the one I attached to bread. For me, bread was pre-sliced, squishy, and white. … Read more