Back from Abroad? Here’s Your Next Step!


Re-entry is tough. That’s why I’m hosting a free webinar next Tuesday, September 13th at 12pm EST. If you want to have a more pleasant, optimistic, and hopeful re-entry, join the webinar! I’m going to share the top mistake that global adventurers make in re-entry, as well as the key to finding your next global adventure at home or abroad.

If you’ve been wondering about the Re-entry Relaunch Roadmap that’s launching next month, be sure to sign up for next Tuesday’s webinar. Not only am I sharing content from the workbook, you could win a free advance copy of the workbook!

Click here to reserve your seat.

About Author

Hello, I'm Dr. Cate Brubaker! Are you a returnee who has been surprised to find your return "home" harder than going abroad? I created the Re-entry Roadmap workbook just for you. If you work with returnees, I'm here to help you with innovative resources and training that will make it easier to provide meaningful support for your returnees.