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Arriving Well – My new book is here!

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I’m so excited to tell you that my new book Arriving Well: Stories about identity, belonging, and rediscovering home after living abroad is available for download on Amazon!

We’re able to offer it for free for the first five days – click here to download Arriving Well.

What’s Arriving Well about?

It’s an anthology of five beautiful, poignant, personal (and sometimes funny) stories about returning “home” after living abroad. My co-editors, Doreen Cumberford and Helen Watts, and I also include mini-coaching after each story and re-entry resources at the end of the book.

And guess who wrote the foreward to our book? Craig Storti! I read Craig’s re-entry book, The Art of Coming Home, during one of my re-entries, and it’s such an honor to have him part of Arriving Well!

You can download your copy on Amazon – and please leave a review to let us know what you think about the book. Click here to download Arriving Well now:  https://amzn.to/2p2NqTM

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Hello, I'm Dr. Cate Brubaker! Are you a returnee who has been surprised to find your return "home" harder than going abroad? I created the Re-entry Roadmap workbook just for you. If you work with returnees, I'm here to help you with innovative resources and training that will make it easier to provide meaningful support for your returnees.