Working on the Re-entry Roadmap with you helped me get through the first weeks of repatriation when I thought I might not survive! 😉
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Hello! I'm the founder of SPS and the author of The Re-entry Roadmap workbook, co-editor of Arriving Well, and creator of the Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit. What was my re-entry like? Read More »

“Returnees will put this book down and think ‘I can do this!'”

–Craig Storti, author of The Art of Coming Home and Why Travel Matters

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An Activity To Help Returnees Bloom

Today’s post is from Bayta, one of our Re-entry Roadmap Facebook group admins! (If you’re not part of our free Facebook group yet, come over and join us.) Bayta has not only gone through re-entry herself, she helps others navigate the ups and downs of returning “home.” In this article, Bayta shares a wonderful experiential ... Read more

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