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10 Things I Believe About Re-entry

This was originally published on Nov. 15, 2013. I’m reposting is today because I’ve updated the content and added a video. Enjoy!


Re-entry isn’t about simply re-adjusting to being back home after you’ve had an amazing experience abroad. Rather, it’s about relaunching yourself into your next global adventure and creating a global life you love at home and abroad.

I believe re-entry is…

  1. A state of mind.
  2. An opportunity for significant learning, growth, and action.
  3. Something we need to talk about more, not less.
  4. An experience that lasts a lifetime.
  5. A pivotal time in your abroad journey that is made better by being part of a supportive group of people who “get” you. (Good thing you found SPS! ;-))
  6. Unique to each person who experiences it.
  7. A valuable opportunity for learning and growth that shouldn’t be ignored or wasted.
  8. An on-going, life-long process that can be experienced differently every time you go “home.”
  9. Is about putting what you learned abroad into practice and creating a global life that best suits you.
  10. A gift. But you have to unwrap it. (My Re-Entry Reality: Your Guide to Relaunching Yourself After Being Abroad workbook can help. Download it free (for a limited time) here.)

Let’s Talk About Relationships + Re-Entry

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Hello, I'm Dr. Cate Brubaker! Are you a returnee who has been surprised to find your return "home" harder than going abroad? I created the Re-entry Roadmap workbook just for you. If you work with returnees, I'm here to help you with innovative resources and training that will make it easier to provide meaningful support for your returnees.