Working on the Re-entry Roadmap with you helped me get through the first weeks of repatriation when I thought I might not survive! 😉
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Cate Brubaker

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Hello! I'm the founder of SPS and the author of The Re-entry Roadmap workbook, co-editor of Arriving Well, and creator of the Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit. What was my re-entry like? Read More »

“Returnees will put this book down and think ‘I can do this!'”

–Craig Storti, author of The Art of Coming Home and Why Travel Matters

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Help for an Unexpected and Early Re-entry

Note – I’m going to update this page with more resources in the coming days so be sure to check back! You’ve returned home weeks or even months earlier than expected. You likely had little warning or time to pack up your life abroad and say your good-byes. Your flight home might have been nerve-racking ... Read more

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