You’re invited to the “My Global Life” link-up

Would you like to get more eyes on your globally-themed blog posts? LinkUp3Meet other bloggers who are interested in all things global? Build community?

Join the “My Global Life” Link-Up!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Stop by SPS next Friday, December 13 and add your globally-themed blog post to the Link-Up.
  2. In your blog post, link back to SPS.
  3. Check out a couple linked-up blog posts that catch your eye. Even better: “like”, tweet, and comment on their post.

Why am I hosting a blog link-up?

A couple reasons. First, I’ve found lots of link-ups for crafters, DIY-ers, and food bloggers but nothing for us travelers, expats, and international educators (have you found any?). So I decided to host the link-up I was searching for.

Second, I’d like to bring together the many insightful bloggers I’ve been finding and meeting online. I want to connect you to all of them.

Third, I loved reading everyone’s blog posts during the November Mini Blog Challenge (and I got great feedback from participants), so I want to keep collaborating and sharing in that way.

What’s the link-up theme? For this link-up I’m keeping the theme very open – anything “global” is welcome. In the future I’ll probably have a more specific topic for each link-up.

(I’m thinking about hosting either a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly link-up. If you have thoughts about monthly vs. bi-weekly vs. weekly or potential themes —– let me know!)

Why should you link up a blog post?

There are so many reasons! Not only will you get more traffic to your website, you’ll have more people reading what you write. You’ll find more great people to follow on social media, which can lead to more off-line contacts. It’s a wonderful thing to meet someone online and then run into them at a conference or find out they live in a city you’re visiting.

Another reason to join is that I’ll include some of the linked-up posts in my social media, Saturday Stories, newsletter, etc. That means even more eyes on your blog posts.

Here are a few guidelines for next week’s Link-Up:

  1. Only link up blog posts. Do not link up a social media profile. No promoting products, events, etc.
  2. “Globally-themed blog post” = travel, study abroad, language learning, expat life, studying/working/volunteering abroad, re-entry, culture, intercultural communication, international education…you get the idea!
  3. You’re welcome to link up two blog posts. They can be recent posts, older posts, doesn’t matter.
  4. Link back to this website in your blog post. A text link it just fine.
  5. Don’t link and run. 😉 The more you visit, “like”, tweet, and comment on other’s posts the more eyes you’ll get on yours.

Are you in? Great! I can’t wait to read your blog posts next week. In the meantime, can you help me spread the word about the Link-Up? Thanks!


Will I see you at the #MyGlobalLife Link-Up on 12/13/13? I hope so! Details here:

Also…mark your calendars!

If you like meeting new people and sharing ideas, tips, and resources, you’ll enjoy our upcoming Twitter chat on Thursday, December 19th at 1pm EST.



About the Author: Cate Brubaker

Cate Brubaker, PhD is the author of the Re-Entry Roadmap creative workbook and founder of A former expat and current part-time nomad, Cate has worked in international education for 20 years.

Cate Brubaker
Cate Brubaker

Hi Kate! I'm glad you'd like to participate in tomorrow's link-up. The link up opens tomorrow - Friday, December 12 - so please be sure to link your blog posts to the official page. Thanks!


Great! A question about the Twitter Chat - I noticed they've all been on Thursday (evening time in Europe), do you have plans to have one on any other day of the week? Thursday evenings are the busiest night of the week this side of the Atlantic! So sadly I've missed the last two :(

Cate Brubaker
Cate Brubaker

Hi Vanessa! We've held them on Thursdays just to be consistent. We've tried 1pm and 3pm EST and 1pm seems to work better...we're open to trying a different day when we start back up in 2014. Which day of the week would you suggest?

kurt trumble
kurt trumble

This is a great idea. Cant wait to read all the posts. Thank you.

Cate Brubaker
Cate Brubaker

Thanks, Kurt. I hope you'll link up one of your posts! BTW, I saw in your bio on your website that you went to Purdue. I went to IU. :)