How I Can Help You?

Cate Brubaker, Founder & Chief Re-entry Relauncher at Small Planet Studio, LLCAre you looking for a re-entry (repatriation/reverse culture shock) guide?

Or maybe you help students, volunteers or clients through re-entry?

Are you a blogger who reaches an audience of travelers, global volunteers or expats?

If so, you know how gut-wrenchingly difficult the “going home” part of one’s global journey can be. That’s why I’m on a mission to help globetrotters make re-entry (and relaunching!) a positive and growth-oriented experience. Here’s how I can help you…

You’re in Re-entry…

You Coach People in Re-entry…

You Work with Study Abroad Students…

You’re a Travel or Expat Blogger…

  • Help your tribe make re-entry (and relaunching!) a positive, growth-focused experience by sharing the Relaunch Roadmap workbook with your audience via the Amazon Affiliates program.
  • Start a Re-entry Roadmap Book Club
  • Cohost a free, info-packed, upbeat, and actionable 30-minute live webinar for your audience. Choose the topic that’s the best fit for your tribe!
    • How to Avoid the Post-travel Blues. (Perfect for travelers.)
    • The Secret to Making Re-entry the BEST Part of Going Abroad. (Perfect for study abroad, expats, volunteers, etc.)
    • How to Reflect on Your Global Identity While You’re Still Abroad. (Perfect for global nomads on the move.)

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