The Ciclo Basico School in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

by :: Cate

Visiting schools around the world is something I love to do.

So Pamela set up a few school visits for me when I was in Bahia Blanca, Argentina for the FAAPI conference. This week I’m going to share photos from the 3 schools I visited.

Below are photos from the first school, called the Ciclo Basico school. It’s a pre-university school and is supported by the National University of the South. If I remember correctly, these students go to school in the afternoon/early evening. When I visited the class it was around 6pm.

Before moving on to the photos, I’d like to thank Patricia, the students’ English teacher and the FAAPI conference organizer, for inviting me to her classes. And Pamela for organizing the visits and driving my husband and I all over Bahia Blanca.

And a big thanks goes out to the students! They were fabulous and a lot of fun to spend an hour with. If they visit this blog, I hope they’ll leave a comment and tell us something about their school…

Ok, now the photos:


Here are the students in their classroom. This is their classroom, meaning they stay in this room while their teachers come and go. (In the U.S. it’s the opposite. Teachers have a classroom where they teach all day and students come and go.)


Patricia, the students’ English teacher, is on the left. Here the students are telling me about their school. They speak wonderful English.


Class photo!


These two lovely students are wearing their class hoodies.


Here’s the back of their class sweatshirt. It has the names of all of the students in the class on it.

Thanks again to Patricia and students!

Next post :: The Colegio Martin Miguel de Güemes, a private school in Bahia Blanca.

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