Photo 110/365

Photo 110/365 This photo is a bit embarrassing. When I was much younger, I thought collecting key chains would a be a great way to remember my travels (and, evidently, a couple boyfriends, too). Is there anything you used to collect while traveling?   P.S. I’ve got a new (type of) class for you! If … Read more

Photo 101/365

Photo 101/365 I grew up near volcanoes so I didn’t think I’d be that impressed by Arenal in Costa Rica. I was wrong! Not only did we have amazing views of the volcano from our little resort, we were able to hike up to its base. The clouds never lifted enough to see the very … Read more

Photo 95/365

Photo 95/365 This is Frog. Back when I was in college, Frog sold home-made joke books on 13th street in Eugene, Oregon. I walked past him nearly every day on my way to/from university. Last summer I saw him at the Eugene Saturday Market selling joke books. I bought one from him and we chatted … Read more

Photo 84/365

Photo 84/365 Espresso + milk in Austria. Do you love European cafes as much as I do? Interested in getting into the IE field? David Comp of the International Higher Education Consulting Blog shares some great information and tips in this new 20-minute podcast interview!

Photo 80/365

Photo 80/365 What do you think the escalator-type-thing to the left of the escalator is for? If you guessed shopping carts, you’re correct! You just push your cart onto the escalator-type-thing and it hauls the cart upstairs or downstairs. I tried to get a photo of someone using it but nobody did in the short … Read more