More School Photos from Argentina

by :: Cate Pamela and I are working on a project that helps students develop their cultural, language, and technology skills (we’ll share the project with everyone in a couple weeks). So when I was in Argentina in September, Pamela planned her classes so I could visit some of her students right around the time they were working … Read more

4 Kid’s Books that Promote Cross-Cultural Awareness

by :: Cate If you’d like to cultivate intercultural competence in kids, a great place to start is with developing curiosity, openness to, and respect for difference. Books that take a cross-cultural peek at daily life around the world are fantastic resources for helping young kids develop the attitudes on which further intercultural knowledge and skills … Read more

Schultüte Resource #3 :: How Diving Can Help Students See Other Perspectives

by :: Anamaria Welcome back to Schultüte Week! (Wondering what a Schultüte is? Stop here and read Monday’s post. ) Each day this week we’re pulling a nifty resource out of our virtual Schultüte of Cross-Cultural Resources for Busy Educators. Yesterday’s resource offered 16 cross-cultural games, projects, and resources — all free and on the … Read more

Resource :: Welcome to Wanzuzu

by :: Cate Are you familiar with the Peace Corps Coverdell WorldWise website? What a treasure trove of resources for K-12 educators! (I use their cross-cultural understanding activities all the time, and not just with kids.) I just discovered a game called Welcome to Wanzuzu. In this game, students are challenged to talk to villagers and gather … Read more

Power Distance in the Classroom

Culture School is in session! In this series, we take an aspect of intercultural theory and apply to daily life. Basically, our goal is to expose those cultural moonwalking bears. And because this blog is about culture and education, we consider each topic in the context of the classroom. photo by maryatexitzero In two previous … Read more