Photo 25/365

  This is a little something that Dale and I created to express our mission and vision for our TrekDek Study Abroad project. (What’s TrekDek Study Abroad? More on that soon!) How would you complete the phrase “Travel is…?”

Interculturalists Are…Everywhere! :: Tonia Lovejoy, Reach The World

Tonia Lovejoy of Reach the World talks about sailing around the globe, connecting kids with the world, and why she once licked an ant’s rear end in this Interculturalists Are…Everywhere interview.

Friday Foto :: Mauritanian Village Classroom

From Flickr: We visited a small school in a remote fishing village on the Atlantic coast. There were very few teaching aids, just a chalkboard, but the children and 2 teachers seemed enthusiastic. These 3 were fascinated by my hairy legs. Photos by :: John Spooner Are you from, or have to been to, Mauritania? … Read more…