Photo 58/365

Photo 58/365 Weekly grade 5 class schedule at a school in Bogotá, Colombia.   We have 2 new teleclass workshops for you in March: “Working Successfully and Authentically in the Corporate World and an updated and expanded “Bridging the Marketing Gap.”  Will you join us?

May Teleclass with Missy Gluckmann of

This teleclass is the third in a year-long series of free classes for intercultural educators. Each class is hosted by Small Planet Studio in collaboration with SIETAR-USA (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) and will feature a guest speaker. I’m thrilled that Missy Gluckmann of is joining us this month to talk about short-term study abroad.

Interculturalists Are…Everywhere! :: Brendan Yorke, Postcards for Progress

Interculturalists are Everywhere is a new series we’re running in conjunction with Candice Hughes of Bridging Cultures and SIETAR-USA (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research). About once month we’ll highlight someone awesome who’s changing the world through their intercultural work. Last month we featured Margaret Riley. Know someone who’s doing cool intercultural work (maybe … Read more

"Lost" Education Question

Even people who are obsessed with the TV show Lost want to know more about education across cultures: I found this educational comment and question on a Lost message board where people where discussing last week’s episode  (in which parallel world off-island Alex needed a recommendation from someone who went to Yale University in order … Read more

Friday Foto :: Mauritanian Village Classroom

From Flickr: We visited a small school in a remote fishing village on the Atlantic coast. There were very few teaching aids, just a chalkboard, but the children and 2 teachers seemed enthusiastic. These 3 were fascinated by my hairy legs. Photos by :: John Spooner Are you from, or have to been to, Mauritania? … Read more