Malaysia: How Many A's Are Too Many?

This blog post about a current issue in Malaysian education caught my eye. How much is too much when it comes to test-taking and grades? The government recently announced a reshuffling in the education system by requiring students sitting for the SPM examinations to take a maximum of ten subjects from 2010 onwards. SPM, short … Read more

Individualism and Collectivism :: What Does this Cultural Dimension Have to Do with Education?

Culture School is in session! In this series, we take an aspect of intercultural theory and apply to daily life. Basically, our goal is to expose those cultural moonwalking bears. And because this blog is about culture and education, we consider each topic in the context of the classroom. photo by maryatexitzero In two previous … Read more

From Kashmir to Kerala, School Chale Hum

First thing this morning, I found Maya’s comment on the recent Checking Your Assumptions post and just can’t wait until Foto Friday to share this beautiful video called “School Chale Hum” showing kids all over India going to school. Here’s some information about the video from YouTube: 192 million children between 6-14 years of age … Read more

What Do Bread, Brot and Education Have in Common?

Why this blog? Think for a moment about the word bread. What pops into your mind? I (Cate) was a teenage exchange student in Germany when I realized that the meaning Germans attach to the word Brot was very different from the one I attached to bread. For me, bread was pre-sliced, squishy, and white. … Read more