The Ciclo Basico School in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

by :: Cate Visiting schools around the world is something I love to do. So Pamela set up a few school visits for me when I was in Bahia Blanca, Argentina for the FAAPI conference. This week I’m going to share photos from the 3 schools I visited. Below are photos from the first school, called … Read more

Sleepy? Go to the Kennedy School

by :: Cate What? Sleep in school? Where in the world can you fall asleep in school and not get in trouble? At the Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon. Built in 1915, this beloved Northeast Portland neighborhood school closed its doors in the late 70’s. The building remained abandoned until brothers Brian and Mike McMenamin converted the school into a hotel, … Read more

4 Kid’s Books that Promote Cross-Cultural Awareness

by :: Cate If you’d like to cultivate intercultural competence in kids, a great place to start is with developing curiosity, openness to, and respect for difference. Books that take a cross-cultural peek at daily life around the world are fantastic resources for helping young kids develop the attitudes on which further intercultural knowledge and skills … Read more

A Quick Observation and a Question

Just a quick observation and a couple questions… A few nights ago I was chatting with a new Facebook Friend from Argentina about the need for a car (or lack thereof) and the age at which kids can get their driver’s license in our respective countries. If I remember correctly, 17 is the minimum age in Argentina. In the … Read more

What Started Everything

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I’m obsessed interested in education, culture, and the world. But what started this obsession interest? I’ve always been drawn to other languages and cultures.  But I sure didn’t have that affinity towards school. I was the kid who, when asked my favorite school subjects, answered lunch and recess. … Read more

Celebrate Peruvian Teachers

If you know a teacher from Peru, don’t forget to wish them a Happy Teacher’s Day today.  The Día del Maestro is has been celebrated on July 6 since 1953. Happy Teacher’s Day to all Peruvian educators!