Photo 36/365

  These Nespresso coffee makers seem to be very popular in Europe right now. Have you seen their series of TV commercials? The ones with George Clooney? The one we saw repeatedly in December is here. Do you have a Nespresso? Do you like it?  

Website Updates

I’ve made several updates to in the past weeks (with more to come – websites are like houses, there’s always something to update)…

New: Pick-Me-Up Podcasts

Sometimes we need a pick-me-up. A cup of coffee, a brisk walk, a few moments with a favorite blog. Enter the Professional Development Pick-Me-Up Podcasts! This year, I’m offering 15-minute podcast interviews with intercultural educators about topics you’ve asked for. I’ll post 1 or 2 each month. You can check out the first podcast here. … Read more

Photo 8/365

  Ok, this is a pretty terrible photo, but it shows you one of my favorite things about summer in Chapel Hill, NC: the Paperhand Puppet Intervention at the Forest Theatre on the UNC campus. Every August, as the sun sets, the Paperhand Puppet Intervention tell a story through music, people-filled puppets, and other pretty … Read more

Photo 4/365

  This has got to be the tastiest food sample I’ve ever received. Last summer I went to the Saturday Market on a visit to Eugene, Oregon (my hometown). I walked past the Farmer’s Market on my way back to the car and was given this little salad sample. Don’t you wish food samples always … Read more