Photo 58/365

Photo 58/365 Weekly grade 5 class schedule at a school in Bogotá, Colombia.   We have 2 new teleclass workshops for you in March: “Working Successfully and Authentically in the Corporate World and an updated and expanded “Bridging the Marketing Gap.”  Will you join us?

Photo 8/365

  Ok, this is a pretty terrible photo, but it shows you one of my favorite things about summer in Chapel Hill, NC: the Paperhand Puppet Intervention at the Forest Theatre on the UNC campus. Every August, as the sun sets, the Paperhand Puppet Intervention tell a story through music, people-filled puppets, and other pretty … Read more…

Interculturalists Are…Everywhere! :: Tonia Lovejoy, Reach The World

Tonia Lovejoy of Reach the World talks about sailing around the globe, connecting kids with the world, and why she once licked an ant’s rear end in this Interculturalists Are…Everywhere interview.

Interculturalists Are…Everywhere! :: Maria Gillette, ESL 4 Moms

Interculturalists are Everywhere is a new series we’re running in conjunction with Candice Hughes of Bridging Cultures and SIETAR-USA (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research). About once month we’ll highlight someone awesome who’s changing the world through their intercultural work.

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