Photo 58/365

Photo 58/365 Weekly grade 5 class schedule at a school in Bogotá, Colombia.   We have 2 new teleclass workshops for you in March: “Working Successfully and Authentically in the Corporate World and an updated and expanded “Bridging the Marketing Gap.”  Will you join us?

Photo 8/365

  Ok, this is a pretty terrible photo, but it shows you one of my favorite things about summer in Chapel Hill, NC: the Paperhand Puppet Intervention at the Forest Theatre on the UNC campus. Every August, as the sun sets, the Paperhand Puppet Intervention tell a story through music, people-filled puppets, and other pretty … Read more

Interculturalists Are…Everywhere! :: Maria Gillette, ESL 4 Moms

Interculturalists are Everywhere is a new series we’re running in conjunction with Candice Hughes of Bridging Cultures and SIETAR-USA (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research). About once month we’ll highlight someone awesome who’s changing the world through their intercultural work.

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