Friday Foto :: Japanese School Lunch

photo by Buck82 Photographer’s Note: I eat school lunch every day. Usually, the meals that arrive at my desk are pretty tasty. Udon, curry, ramen, etc. Today, though, it was ridiculous! I ate all of it! I could barely move the rest of the day.

Children Full of Life

by :: Cate Would you like to see what going to elementary school is like in Japan? How about an amazingly passionate, courageous, and skillful teacher? The videos below are part of an award-winning documentary called Children Full of Life. It follows Toshiro Kanamori and his 4th grade students through aschool year in Kanazawa, northwest of Tokyo. We could all learn something from Mr. Kanamori, even … Read more

Quick Links :: 3 Japanese Schools

Check out the three links below that describe a Japanese elementary, middle, and high school. Teacher Peggy Steffens visited Japan with the The Fulbright Memorial Fund (FMF)* program in 2000. *After 12 highly successful years, the FMF has unfortunately been discontinued due to “tightening fiscal circumstances in the Government of Japan.” Only slated to run … Read more