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Photo 61/365 Probably the best name for a cafe! (My last name is Brubaker. :-)) Dublin, Ireland in December.   Check out our new teleclass workshops! “Working Successfully and Authentically in the Corporate World and an updated and expanded “Bridging the Marketing Gap.”  

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Photo 54/365 Aaron and I stopped at the very old stone Beehive houses on the Irish Dingle Peninsula back in December 2010. We wanted to see the Beehive houses but I also reeeeallly had to pee. The outhouse was on a hill and only accessible after you paid your entrance fee (smart). Do you see … Read more

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  We saw signs like this all over Ireland.  They did not instill confidence in us, especially since we were (well, Aaron was) driving a stick shift on the wrong left side of very narrow icy roads, and often in the dark! Have you driven in Ireland?

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Photo 30/365 What I found most impressive about the cliffs of Ireland’s Aran Islands is just how close to the edge you can get. You can’t help but get close, the view sucks you in. Of course, when the wind picks up you worry that it will also suck you in and blow you right … Read more

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  Last fall I met a couple of my faculty members for a planning meeting. We started with a VisualsSpeak activity in which we all chose images that related to our individual business goals. If you look at our images, each of us organized them differently on the paper, but we all included the eagle-soaring-through-the-air … Read more