A Tale of Two School Systems: India and the U.S.

Writer S. Mitra Kalita shared her perspective on schooling in India and the U.S. in the following recent Wall Street Journal article. Last year, as a New Delhi mom desperate to get my daughter into an elite private school, I chose my interview outfits carefully: Boots and blazers for the schools known among the business … Read more

Friday Foto :: Starting a School in Maharashtra, India

Once again, the Friday Foto is a video. This 8 minute video (with English subtitles) shares the story of a remote village in Maharashtra, India and how a school is changing the future of the children of the village. If you’re receiving this in an email, you’ll need to click through to the website to … Read more

From Kashmir to Kerala, School Chale Hum

First thing this morning, I found Maya’s comment on the recent Checking Your Assumptions post and just can’t wait until Foto Friday to share this beautiful video called “School Chale Hum” showing kids all over India going to school. Here’s some information about the video from YouTube: 192 million children between 6-14 years of age … Read more