Photo 36/365

  These Nespresso coffee makers seem to be very popular in Europe right now. Have you seen their series of TV commercials? The ones with George Clooney? The one we saw repeatedly in December is here. Do you have a Nespresso? Do you like it?  

Photo 31/365

  The Döner. One of my favorite eat-on-the-go foods in Germany. It’s cheap, filling, and oh so tasty. Not only that, I have many memories wrapped up (ha!) in Döner. Since I cut my teeth on the German version of Döner I don’t tend to like non-German Döner. But I was pleasantly surprised by the … Read more

Photo 30/365

Photo 30/365 What I found most impressive about the cliffs of Ireland’s Aran Islands is just how close to the edge you can get. You can’t help but get close, the view sucks you in. Of course, when the wind picks up you worry that it will also suck you in and blow you right … Read more

Photo 27/365

Photo 27/365 Since yesterday’s photo featured Swiss snow, I thought I’d post this one of a bus with a covered ski rack on the back. We stayed in a village near a popular ski area, and since parking is scarce, many people put on their ski clothes and hop on a regional bus that takes … Read more

Photo 3/365

  Yesterday I posted an early-morning photo of the Swiss village my husband and I stayed in for a week in December. Here’s one of the same view but with more sun. (There are huge Alps behind those clouds!)      

Photo 2/365

  When my husband and I arrived in Switzerland it was snowing. As we drove into the Alps it snowed. All during our first night it snowed. After falling asleep at 7 pm, I woke up at 5 am the following morning. Aaron was still asleep, so I dragged my huge, fluffy Bettdecke to the … Read more