Photo 58/365

Photo 58/365 Weekly grade 5 class schedule at a school in Bogotá, Colombia.   We have 2 new teleclass workshops for you in March: “Working Successfully and Authentically in the Corporate World and an updated and expanded “Bridging the Marketing Gap.”  Will you join us?

Resource :: Anusibuno, Sasha, Cidinha & Shakeel

by :: Cate Check out this great resource by Oxfam: Cool Planet and meet 4 kids who live in various countries around the world: :: Anusibuno – Zuo, Ghana. :: Sasha – Lekarstvennoye, Russia. :: Cidinha – Ludovico, Brazil. :: Shakeel – Hyderabad, India. Follow these students through a typical day, from waking up and going to school … Read more

It’s All About You! October Edition

by :: Anamaria It’s all about you: our readers. No matter how passionate one is about something, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to devote ourselves to that passion as much as we would like. We’re sure you know what we mean! We know our readers are passionate about education. And that … Read more

More School Photos from Argentina

by :: Cate Pamela and I are working on a project that helps students develop their cultural, language, and technology skills (we’ll share the project with everyone in a couple weeks). So when I was in Argentina in September, Pamela planned her classes so I could visit some of her students right around the time they were working … Read more

Children Full of Life

by :: Cate Would you like to see what going to elementary school is like in Japan? How about an amazingly passionate, courageous, and skillful teacher? The videos below are part of an award-winning documentary called Children Full of Life. It follows Toshiro Kanamori and his 4th grade students through aschool year in Kanazawa, northwest of Tokyo. We could all learn something from Mr. Kanamori, even … Read more

Sleepy? Go to the Kennedy School

by :: Cate What? Sleep in school? Where in the world can you fall asleep in school and not get in trouble? At the Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon. Built in 1915, this beloved Northeast Portland neighborhood school closed its doors in the late 70’s. The building remained abandoned until brothers Brian and Mike McMenamin converted the school into a hotel, … Read more