The Stories of Culture

Culture School is in session! In this series, we take an aspect of intercultural theory and apply to daily life. Basically, our goal is to expose those cultural moonwalking bears. And because this blog is about culture and education, we consider each topic in the context of the classroom. photo by maryatexitzero by :: Anamaria … Read more

Simple Images, Complex Cultural Differences

This is so cool! An award-winning Berlin artist originally from China created a set of images representing cultural differences between the East and the West. Below are 12 of Yang Liu’s images. Which color represents East? Which the West? Which elements of culture do you think the artist is referring to? As always, if you’re … Read more

School Snapshot :: Canadian International School in Beijing, China

It’s School Snapshot time again! The School Snapshot Project highlights schools around the world. Interested in sharing your school? This School Snapshot was submitted by high school student Ching Han, who is originally from Malaysia and started at the Canadian International School (CIS) in Beijing, China in January 2009. The Canadian International School was founded … Read more

School Photo :: Morning Dance

photo by gabyu The caption under this Flickr photo: “Young students are always doing some exercises before getting into the classroom. Was always a nice moment of magic.” How many hours a week do kids at your school have P.E. (physical education)?