It’s All About You! October Edition

by :: Anamaria It’s all about you: our readers. No matter how passionate one is about something, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to devote ourselves to that passion as much as we would like. We’re sure you know what we mean! We know our readers are passionate about education. And that … Read more

More School Photos from Argentina

by :: Cate Pamela and I are working on a project that helps students develop their cultural, language, and technology skills (we’ll share the project with everyone in a couple weeks). So when I was in Argentina in September, Pamela planned her classes so I could visit some of her students right around the time they were working … Read more

School #2: Colegio Martin Miguel de Güemes

by :: Cate On Tuesday I posted pictures of students at the Ciclo Basico school in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Today I’m posting photos of students at another school in Bahia Blanca that Patricia teaches at. This school is called Colegio Martin Miguel de Güemes. Patricia told me that the school is named after a well known patriot in our country who fought … Read more

The Ciclo Basico School in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

by :: Cate Visiting schools around the world is something I love to do. So Pamela set up a few school visits for me when I was in Bahia Blanca, Argentina for the FAAPI conference. This week I’m going to share photos from the 3 schools I visited. Below are photos from the first school, called … Read more

What’s Ahead

by :: Cate We’ve been busy here at Small Planet Studio. Planning, writing, preparing…we’ve got some exciting things ahead: Next Week It’s Schultüte Week! What’s a Schultüte? I can’t tell you what a Schultüte is yet (check back on Monday to find out!) but I can tell you that in addition to learning about Schultüten next week, you’ll … Read more