Schultüte Resource #2 :: 16 Free Cross-Cultural Games, Projects & Resources

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Welcome back to Schultüte Week! (Wondering what a Schultüte is? Stop here and read Monday’s post. )

Each day this week we’re pulling  a nifty resource out of our virtual Schultüte of Cross-Cultural Resources for Busy Educators.

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Yesterday’s resource featured 43 Cross-Cultural Quotes for the Classroom (pdf).

Today’s resource? 16 cross-cultural games, projects, and resources that are sure to interest students of all ages.

Note: many of these resources seem to have been created with North American students in mind and therefore might need to be adapted for students in other world regions.


The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation uses humor and storytelling to help kids ages 8-13 learn about places and cultures around the world. This is an important first step toward building their global literacy.

2. Interactive Map Puzzles Learn United States and World geography with free on-line Map Puzzles. Free interactive map quiz to learn continents, countries, states, capitals, borders, physical features and cultural monuments.

3. Welcome to Wanzuzu
You have been assigned to the tiny town of Wanzuzu, where the villagers have big hearts — and even bigger problems. Are you prepared to solve critical challenges and help the villagers make their home a better place?


4. Around the World in 80 Schools
On Feb 29th 2008 Charline Evans, a teacher from Wales, set off on a quest to visit and connect 80 schools around the world. Her route took her across the 7 continents and through over 30 countries. Each school produced a film representing their country and culture.

5. Our Book By Us/Nuestro Libro Hecho Por Nosotros
Five mini-books kids can read and personalize in English and Spanish.

6. Bringing Us Together
This blog has been created to build on the friendships begun in 2008 and encourage more students and classrooms throughout the world to connect with each other.

7. Taking It Global
The social network that connects you to the global issues that affect us all. We enable a collaborative learning community which provides youth with access to global opportunities, cross-cultural connections and meaningful participation in decision-making.

8. Kids Around the World
Kids Around the World uses the Internet to introduce elementary school-age children in the United States to the lives of children of the same age in developing countries around the world.
In a time of globalization and increased interdependency between nations, this site fosters curiosity, creates awareness, and encourages sensitivity and understanding about other cultures.

9. The International Book Sharing Project
The International Book Sharing Project is an exercise in international cooperative learning about the Shoah (Holocaust) and its meaning for youth today. Schools from around the world are paired together.
Students in the partner schools read the same book in their respective classrooms and then discuss subjects related to the Holocaust via forums hosted on the Korczak International School website.

10. Voices of Youth
An interactive UNICEF site where young people can explore, discuss, and do something about current global issues.


11. UNICEF Going School Around the World: An Activity and Game Book for Kids
Through the activities and games in this downloadable packet, students will learn about different kinds of schools around the world, why some kids don’t have the opportunity to go to school, and what you can do to help all children enjoy their right to an education.

12. Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-cultural Understanding
Simply put, understanding the concept of culture facilitates living with others of different backgrounds — within the classroom, in the local community, and on the worldwide scale of political, social, and economic interaction. Teachers may find lessons 1-5, 7-9, and 13 more suited to grades 6-8. All lessons in this workbook can be adapted easily for use in grades 9-12.

13. United Nations Cyber School Bus: Ar Made By Students All Over The World
This is the place where the UN Cyber School Bus presents ongoing exhibitions of artwork and photographs about and from around the world.

14. Culture Crossing Country Guides is an evolving database of cross-cultural information about every country in the world. This user-built guide allows people from all walks of life to share essential tips with each other about how to navigate our increasingly borderless world with savvy and sensitivity.

15. 10 Strategies for Overcoming Language Barriers (pdf)
Language barriers are a common challenge in international settings — and a two-way process. What native speakers often don’t realize is that frequently it is not the other person’s accent but their own way of speaking that creates the greatest barriers to effective communication. Use these strategies to ensure you’re not putting up your own roadblocks to effective international communication.

16. Outreach World: Resources for Teaching Kids About the World
Outreach World is a comprehensive one-stop resource for teaching international and area studies and foreign languages in the precollegiate classroom.

Have a resource to share? Let us know about it!

About the Author: Cate Brubaker

Dr. Cate Brubaker is a re-entry/repatriation coach, consultant, and author of the Re-Entry Roadmap creative workbook and the Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit. Cate has lived in Germany, worked and traveled in 36 countries on four continents, and has helped all kinds of globetrotters successfully navigate global transitions for over 20 years.

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