School #2: Colegio Martin Miguel de Güemes

by :: Cate

On Tuesday I posted pictures of students at the Ciclo Basico school in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. Today I’m posting photos of students at another school in Bahia Blanca that Patricia teaches at.

This school is called Colegio Martin Miguel de Güemes. Patricia told me that the school is named after a well known patriot in our country who fought for independence from Spain.

Two classes of students joined us for a hour the morning I visited. After explaining where I was from and talking a little about Small Planet Studio, students told us about their school. They talked about things like their school uniform, that they’re not allowed to have piercings (but they wear them anyway), and their class sweatshirts.

A few photos…


Discussing what to tell us about their school.


Photo of class #1


Photo of class #2

The students recorded short videos but I’ll have to post them next week, once I figure out how to reduce the size of the videos. I tried posting them here but found out that they’re waaaaay too big.

(And unfortunately, several of my videos – including the ones from the Ciclo Basico school – seem to have been erased. One of the times I downloaded videos to my computer I got a weird error message and then everything shut down. Arg. I love my little FlipCam but I’m discovering that it’s not super reliable.)

Anyway, check back next week for the videos! And thanks again to Patricia, Pamela, and the awesome students at Colegio Martin Miguel de Güemes. I really enjoyed visiting your school! And if any of the students visit this blog, I hope they’ll leave a comment and tell our readers something about their school…

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