Re-Entry Reality Workbook

This ebook will help you move beyond the misery of reverse culture shock, navigate relationship landmines, and create your ideal global life at home and abroad.
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Do you feel like your experiences abroad have forever changed you?

Maybe you’re seeing your own country and culture with new eyes and are rethinking long-held beliefs and ways of life.

Maybe you feel like your friends and family just don’t get the “new” you.

And you can’t stop daydreaming about new places to explore, people to meet, languages to learn, and cultures to understand.


I get it!

I’ve been where you are right now.

Rest assured that what you’re going through is completely normal.

You know you don’t want to simply go back to what you were doing before you went abroad. And you know you want to infuse more global into you your life and career.

The problem? You don’t know where or how to start.

This is where Re-Entry Reality: Your Guide to Relaunching Yourself After Being Abroad comes in.



This guide brings together a number of resources and people to help you realize you aren’t alone and you aren’t crazy!

-Nathan Agin,


Would you like to…

  • Bring your global experiences into your everyday life?
  • Design a global career?
  • Share your global life with friends and loved ones?
  • Connect with other people enjoying global lives?
  • Go abroad again?
  • Harness your life-changing experiences to fuel your personal growth?
  • Create a more vibrant, exciting and meaningful life?

You see, going abroad forever changes you, but it’s only the catalyst.

Re-entry is where the real transformation takes place.

Re-entry is more than reverse culture shock. It’s more than those first few days or weeks after returning home. It’s more than realizing that your friends and family don’t want to see all of your photos.

Re-entry is your opportunity to relaunch yourself into your next global adventure!


Re-Entry Reality: Your Guide to Re-Launching Yourself After Being Abroad takes you through the re-entry journey step-by-step from coming home to relaunching yourself into your next global adventure.

Explore the different opportunities for your life, travel and career, then apply the practical actions that will relaunch you into the global life of your dreams.

You’ll never look back, except to enjoy and share your memories.



MandyRRe-Entry Reality is a much needed resource in the international education field.

-Mandy Reinig, Director of Intl Ed, St. Mary’s College of MD & Owner,


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Re-Entry Reality is especially useful for:

  • Expats
  • Students who have studied, worked or interned abroad
  • Returning Fulbright, JET, Peace Corps, and other int’l teachers, assistants and volunteers
  • Long-term travelers
  • Family and friends of students, expats, and travelers who want to provide support and understanding during the re-entry experience (it makes a great gift!)
  • Teachers, guidance and career councilors, and study abroad professionals



LuzGarciaPennock-CroppedI just opened it!
I love how you connect the soul to it.
Feels great reading it.

-Luz Garcia-Pennock,




Each section is ripe with advice from a diverse group of travelers to help you plan your next big adventures (whether locally or internationally).

– Michelle L. Solorio, Global Education Office, Vanderbilt University



Regina Higgins

Whether you need relaunching, or just want to reflect on the million and one ways your travel experience has changed you, Cate’s Re-Entry Reality is for you.

Regina Higgins, Ph.D., Outreach Director, Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies



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Take a Look

Here’s a sample chapter from Re-Entry Reality.


Why listen to me?


I know what it’s like to come home after living and traveling abroad and feel misunderstood, bored, and out of sync with friends and family. And I’ve spent 20 years working with students, expats, and travelers in transition. I understand re-entry from a personal and professional perspective, and I’ve learned how to make that crucial time a positive experience. Most importantly, I’m living a global life I love! Now, it’s your turn.


Here’s what you’ll get

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The UPDATED 142-page Re-Entry Reality: Your Guide to Re-Launching Yourself After Being Abroad workbook.

  • Instant PDF download
  • 34 workbook pages
  • 29 recommended relaunch resources
  • Tips and advice from students, teachers, travelers, and expats
  • Lifetime workbook updates (free!)
  • 15% of your payment directly supports a high school student who wants to study abroad

The PDF workbook is “writeable”, so you can type your answers directly in the workbook. Or you can print out the “Toolkit” in the back of the ebook and complete the workbook pages by hand. Your choice!



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