Daily Journaling Challenge


Here’s what I most often hear from global adventurers when they return home after being abroad:

I know that going abroad changed me, but it’s SO hard to describe exactly how!

Frustrating, right?

If you can’t articulate how you’ve changed and what you learned abroad, it’s nearly impossible to share your abroad experiences in a meaningful way in job interviews and with friends and family.

And lacking this self-knowledge makes it even harder to create the satisfying and sustainable global life you want.

The solution? Meet the new global you with the #GlobalYou365 journaling challenge! 

I highly recommend that you bookmark this page so you can easily find next month’s prompts.

The #GlobalYou365 Challenge is meant to spark reflection on who you are and what you want, now that you’ve been abroad. This self-knowledge will give you a clearer vision for creating your ideal global life at home and abroad. This challenge is intended to be simple and fun, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Have fun with it and enjoy the process of learning about your awesome global self!

Note: I created this in 2016 but the prompts are valid for any year!

January’s Prompts

February’s Prompts

March’s Prompts

April’s Prompts

May’s Prompts

Special thanks to Kerianne Baylor for suggesting several of this month’s prompts! 

June’s Prompts

Special thanks to Kerianne Baylor for suggesting several of this month’s prompts! 

July’s Prompts

August’s Prompts

September’s Prompts

October’s Prompts

November’s Prompts

December’s Prompts

 Journaling Tips

  • On the first of the month, start with prompt #1. There’s one prompt for each day of the month.
  • There are unlimited ways to respond to the daily prompts! Write a paragraph, make a list, jot down keywords, doodle…go simple or get creative!
  • At the end of the month, look back at what you wrote. What themes or patterns do you see? What are you learning about yourself? Jot down your observations on a page in your journal.
  • Join the Re-Entry Relaunchers Unite! community on Facebook. You’ll find fellow global adventurers in re-entry, an upbeat, action-oriented environment community, and plenty of inspiration and support.
  • Looking for a cute and portable journal for this challenge? Check these out! 🙂

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