Re-Entry Reality: Re-Entry Doesn’t Equal Failure


I’ve got another Re-Entry Reality podcast for you! Sabrina Ziegler is an intercultural trainer who just returned to Vancouver, Canada after living in Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany for the last eight years. In this podcast, Sabrina talks about re-entry as she’s currently experiencing it.

Re-Entry Reality: the IDI, literature & crepes


I’ve got another Re-Entry Reality podcast for you! In this podcast, Seth shares how taking the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) helped him prepare for his second re-entry experience, why literature is a fantastic re-entry resource, and why re-entry is like a French crepe.

Re-Entry Reality Interview: Harder than Culture Shock


It’s Re-Entry Reality Monday! This week’s interview is with Carrie Niesen, SPS’s Re-Entry Reality Intern. Carrie has not only experienced re-entry, she wrote her Master’s Thesis about it! You’ll get to hear more about re-entry from Carrie in our March 12 Re-Entry Reality virtual event.

Re-Entry Reality Podcast: Creating a Life, Not Settling In


It’s Re-Entry Reality Monday! Leslie Forman is the perfect example of someone who has re-launched themselves after being abroad – twice. In this podcast, Leslie talks about her re-entry experiences after living in Chile and China, shares a simple strategy she used to survive reverse culture shock, and describes the importance of acknowledging how you’ve changed as you re-negotiate life back home.