Have you been abroad? This is your community!Get over reverse culture shock and create a global life with the #MyGlobalLife Discovery Kit!

Small Planet Studio is here to guide you through the ups and downs of reverse culture shock (with some humor and a craft project or two). My mission is to show you that going home doesn’t have to be the horrible experience everyone warns you about!

How do you make going home the best part of going abroad? Create a satisfying global LIFE.

Our articles, podcasts, videos, events, and products will help you navigate relationships, make a killer Nutella mousse, and create your ideal global life with no settling and no giving up what (and who!) you love. Welcome!

Meet Cate

Get over reverse culture shock and create a global life with the #MyGlobalLife Discovery Kit!

Re-entry after being abroad isn’t about readjusting to being “home.” It’s about relaunching yourself into a global life you love at home and abroad.

Hi, I’m Cate, Founder and Chief Re-Entry Relauncher at SPS. As a former expat, current part-time nomad, and always passionate mentor, I’m here to help you say “I love re-entry!” (Read my re-entry story here.)

I started SPS after a challenging time in my life when I realized just how significantly unresolved re-entry issues were impacting my career, relationships, and general happiness.

I was also frustrated that the challenging (and for some people, devastating) experience of going home after being abroad is mostly left up to the study abroad student, the expat returnee, the volunteer or the global nomad to muddle though alone.

Sure, we all find a way to cope. But honestly? The coping strategies that help us survive going home (andindeed might even make us happy in the short-term) don’t help us create a truly satisfying global life in the long run.

The vast majority of re-entry resources focus on commiserating or how to justify your time abroad to a future employer. Helpful, yes, but they don’t address the root of our restlessness, boredom, and unhappiness. I want to change that by changing the way we talk about re-entry and reverse culture shock (step 1: let’s stop referring to re-entry as an illness).

Drawing on my 20 years experience working in international education, my PhD dissertation research, and reading lots of personal development books and blogs – in addition to my own many re-entry experiences – I’ve figured out how to make re-entry a positive experience.

I never thought I’d say this but I actually look forward to re-entry! I want that for you, too.

10 Things About Me

Get past reverse culture shock and create a global life you love at home and abroad!
Mostar, Bosnia
  1. I currently make my home with my husband in North Carolina, but as a part-time nomad I frequently workation around the world (yes, it’s awesome).
  2. I moved to Germany at 16 and lived there for about 4 years in my teens and 20s.
  3. A few months before I graduated from college I woke up one morning freaked out about my future…12 hours later I’d landed a job teaching English abroad.
  4. I’ve traveled and worked in 35 countries on four contents.
  5. I’ll always be supremely grateful to the high school exchange program that funded my first year in Germany and gave me my first re-entry experience. I’m a huge supporter of youth exchange programs.
  6. In addition to SPS, I teach an intercultural education service-learning class at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and consult for international schools and organizations around the world.
  7. I’m an ambivert (who leans introvert) and an INFP. I just want everyone to get along.
  8. I used to dance the Highland Fling.
  9. The first place I lived in the US outside of my hometown was Seattle. I loved it.
  10. I love dessert. I just want to travel the world and eat dessert.



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Meet Our Associate Re-Entry Relauncher

Sarah Smith -Get over reverse culture shock and create a global life with the #MyGlobalLife Discovery Kit!Sarah Smith joins us having recently returned to the U.S. after living in Ireland. She has studied, traveled and worked in both Europe and Asia, and is looking forward to pursuing a global career. She has a passion for intercultural education and ethical international volunteering; particularly as it relates to college students. Sarah developed wanderlust in college and hopes to mentor others as they engage in their own global adventures!


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