7 Ways to Celebrate International Education Week

This entire week, schools around the world are celebrating International Education Week (IEW).

In the U.S., for example, a university in Oregon is having a Fair Trade sale. A Colombian high school Spanish teacher in North Carolina is leading presentations about Latin American countries. And a Michigan elementary school, currently studying the continent of Africa, is planning a daily geography quiz, a viewing of a DVD about the life of an African student, food tasting, and a speaker from Ghana.

Great activities, right? The IEW website suggests several activities that schools and other organizations can take part in. But how can individual participate?

IEW is a dedicated opportunity to share and learn about cultures around the world. Here are 7 easy ways you (and I) can celebrate international education this week:

1.    Learn how world cultures organize time differently.
2.    Pick up a Culture Smart! guide about a country you’d like to know more about.
3.    Short on reading time? Download a Travel with Rick Steves podcast about a place you long to visit.
4.    Read the Pop Culturosity Movie Guide and watch a new film (see page 11 for ideas).
5.    Test yourself with a Global IQ Quiz.
6.    Add your intercultural knowledge to wikicultures.com.

Whatever you do this week, enjoy!

What are your ideas for celebrating IEW?

About the Author: Cate Brubaker

Cate Brubaker, PhD is the author of the Re-Entry Roadmap creative workbook and founder of SmallPlanetStudio.com. A former expat and current part-time nomad, Cate has worked in international education for 20 years.