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Cate Brubaker

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Re-entry after being abroad isn’t about readjusting to being home. It’s about relaunching yourself into your ideal global life! How do you want to relaunch yourself? As a former expat, current part-time nomad, and always passionate guide, I’m here to help. Read More »


I first joined the SPS Community while I was searching for affordable, virtual, quality resources for self-development as an interculturalist. I have stayed because I love being part a part of the community and connecting with other passionate interculturalists. Plus I love having fun while learning! Cate and I have also teamed up on a podcast about re-entry and on the new LinkedIn course, which I am really excited about. – Sabrina Ziegler,

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A Nomad With A Home: Katie’s Global Life

A Nomad With A Home: Katie’s Global Life 

Creating a global life is not at all about settling; it’s actively the opposite. Click to read Katie's story!

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