The Relaunch Roadmap is both practical and creative. The concept I found most inspiring was the idea of Global Life Ingredients!  
Rachel Cason
Cate Brubaker

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I get what you're going through! That's why I created the innovative Re-entry Roadmap, to help you turn re-entry into a positive, growth-focused experience... Read More »


“The Roadmap workbook, reflecting on reentry, assumptions, goals, values really helped me put everything into perspective.”

-Sibylla Grottke

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Lessons from my re-entry and job search process: a letter to the many present and future Jennys [Guest Post]

I’m thrilled to share this guest post by Jenny Miner. She  wrote this letter towards the end of her re-entry transition from Brazil to the US. In looking back on what she had learned, the reflection took the form of a letter to herself. My dearest Jenny, Be gentle with yourself amidst the storm. There will be ... Read more...

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